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Dealer Solution

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Dealer Solution

Dealer Solution provides a full range of risk control management functions for electronic trading systems. Through effective risk monitoring methods, different risks are identified, and effective measures such as avoiding risks, transferring risks, reducing losses, and taking risks are adopted to ensure the stable and healthy development of the trading platform.

risk control

Real-time monitoring of customer accounts and transaction orders, including the customer's login IP, region, transaction habits, transaction volume, transaction amount, profit and loss, etc., multi-dimensional and all-round analysis of customer nature, and automatic discovery of dishonest customers.

risk management

Brokers manage dishonest customers in groups, and programmatic grouping and batch processing can allow brokers to improve risk control efficiency and achieve a real "prescribed medicine". Customize the trading variety of each customer group, and set the single transaction limit, maximum lot size, spread and handling fee according to the trading variety, and you can also set different trading leverage. For dishonest customers, brokers can take measures such as freezing, disabling, and canceling, and at the same time, they can also unfreeze and unblock, and restore customers' normal transactions.

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Hedge Bridge Services

Fix Clearing Bridge - Transferring Trading Risk

Fix Bridge is a specially developed product that combines FT trading platforms and liquidity providers through the FIX protocol. The product meets the requirements of the foreign exchange market between international banks and supports functions including markup and spread restrictions, bid/ask configuration and symbol settings.

Risk control plug-in

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Multi-account trading tool

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Plug-in for one-sided closing of hedging positions

Charge closing fee

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