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Broker Solution

Business management, operating reports and detailed monitoring are all available
Fully standardize and simplify business processes
Broker Solution
Efficient operation management system customized for brokers (exchanges)

Broker Solution (Broker Solution) provides brokers (exchanges) with business and operation management functions such as institutional, customer operation, business operation management, and business result analysis.

CRM management
According to the needs of the organization, manage potential but unsigned customers, and can add, maintain, inquire, return visits and remarks to all channel customers.
Institutional management
Using role-based authority management, you can set exclusive roles for different institutions and assign corresponding control authority, such as business management, configuration management, and monitoring statistics.
money management
Including the definition of deposit and withdrawal system, deposit and withdrawal audit management, bank and third-party payment channels, etc. It is convenient to manage transaction funds and meet the diversified payment needs of customers.
Forex transaction management
Set details such as tradable foreign exchange varieties, transaction methods (by lot/volume) and related handling fees, which can be managed in groups for different institutions.
MTF transaction management
Through the MTF matching transaction method, the operation center, clearing agency, brokerage agency, IB, and investors in the trading platform will match the transaction according to the principle of price priority and time priority.
Options Trading Management
It can flexibly set parameters such as varieties, types, trading time periods, and investment amounts that can be traded on the platform, and can be managed in groups, so that everything is under control.
real time monitoring
Real-time monitoring of positions, investment amounts and risk ratios of customers and institutions, and timely discovery of risks in transactions is helpful for the discovery and handling of dishonest customers.
management analysis
Statistical analysis is carried out on the data of institutions and customers by means of reports, such as settlement reports, rebate reports, positions and liquidation details, account funds and income, profit and loss reports, etc.
Operation of promotion activities
You can customize bonuses, points, rebates and other reward methods according to user account opening, trading, sharing, recommendation and other business behaviors, increase user participation and enthusiasm for sharing recommendations, and improve platform visibility and activity.
Live video management
It can conduct room management, lecturer management, course management, membership management, authority management, etc., and manage and operate live video services.
Intelligent documentary management
You can set the maximum order size, minimum lot size, and maximum position for copying orders by lot and proportion. The settings of copying method, risk control method, account activation, etc. are all available.
One-stop financial platform, efficient and leading
Advantages of Broker Solution
Powerful background management

Safe, convenient and systematic function management to simplify the process

Perfect reporting system

Detailed and detailed, no matter how complicated the accounts are, there are traces to follow

role-based rights management

Supports the configuration of exclusive permissions for institutions, channels, and customer-specific roles

Rich business management

A business management system centered on expanding and serving customers, customized for brokers/exchanges.

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