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Multi-level agency rebate model + clearing center operation model.
Diversified customer source channels, high-viscosity hierarchical relationship, and guaranteed promotion flexibility.

Multi-level agency rebate model

It is designed for the specific promotion needs of brokers (broker-IB agent-customer), through the agent business channel to develop investors to successfully open an account and conduct transactions, and return the corresponding commission according to the transaction situation. IB agents have become an important channel for customer sources and are currently the most important tool for brokers to expand the market.

Clearing Center Operation Model

Learn from the operation model of top international brokers (clearing center-operation center/clearing agency-IB brokerage/intermediary-customer), adopt the method of "daily debt-free settlement of institutions", continue to cooperate with the original institutional units, and let the transformed brokerage Business customers retain the original customer extension marketing model and provide more customer source channels.

A variety of rebate methods to choose from

Flexible rebate settings allow exchanges (brokers) to have more operational options and truly find a suitable way to expand their customers.

By team ratio
By Level ratio
Algebraic rebate

For a certain level of agency, specify the total team rebate for their entire team based on their team's total transaction volume. Its downline also distributes commissions in this way, and the level-level commissions need to be subsidized, and so on. The calculation of this rebate is generally calculated by the amount/lot or by the percentage of traffic.

For a certain level of agent, according to the total transaction volume of the team and its agent level, specify the amount of personal rebate that a person can get. Different from the distribution according to the proportion of the team, this mode is that the member specifies the amount of commission rebate that each level can get, and the commission is no longer allocated to the downline. The calculation of this rebate is generally calculated by the amount/lot or by the percentage of traffic.

The commission that each agent can charge is not based on the total amount of his team's trades, but on the total traded amount of downlines within the specified generation. The calculation of this rebate needs to refer to the settings of the rebate method, the maximum rebate algebra, the rebate standard for own trading volume, and the rebate standard for the n-generation offline transaction volume.

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